Salem Bail Fund
for bail and solidarity

Our priority is to support vulnerable community
members in the struggle for justice and equality


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To remain transparent this is an explanation of our process for fund allocation. The major goal of this organization is to stand in solidarity with Salem activists so we may continue the fight for justice. As such, our first priority will be to bail out organizers since they are integral to the structure of demonstrations and are often targeted by police. The next priority will be people of color and members of the LGBTQ+ and houseless communities to assist those most vulnerable.

Every disbursment is discussed by our Board of Directors and bail is delivered in person by our Bail Runners. If possible, we will also have volunteers with medical experience and Legal Observers present during the release of community members to document any injuries and take down statements.

When contributions are made to the Fund they are treated as gifts. Likewise, any disbursement from the fund is a no-strings-attached gift. THERE IS NO OBLIGATION TO PAY BACK ANY MONEY RECEIVED FROM THE FUND. However, we do ask that bail fund recipients attend all court proceedings related to their arrest to avoid incurring additional bail charges or financial penalties against the fund. Please consider contributing today!


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